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This information will help us understand what it is you're looking for and allow us to reach out to you with potential concept drawings and cost quotes.

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Contact us today and let us know your idea and we'll work dilligently with you through every step of the process to bring that idea to life! Message us with what type of piece you're looking to have made, wood types, dimensions, colors, inlays, finish, special requests, etc. and we'll reach out to discuss specifics in order to get you an accurate quote free of charge!

Even if you're not looking for a table and you just want some coasters for the house, a charcuterie board to give as a gift, or any other number of things that you just want to show off, message us for a free quote!

Shape and size options for custom river table

Choose your shape and size

Let us know the length, width, and height of your idea

Is it a standard shape, or something customized?

Table showing different types of wood available for custom river table

Choose your type of wood

We use a number of slab suppliers across the country so we're typically able to get just about any species of wood for your project.

*Note* Rare, more exotic types of wood may take additional time to acquire and may extend estimated project completion time.

Choose your finish

Let us know if you want your custom piece finished off with an epoxy flood coat, an oil based finish, polyurethane, etc.

Types of table legs and bases available for custom river table

Choose your base

Let us know whether you're looking for legs or an individual base, the height, and what type of design you're interested in and we will send you a few different options that we have available.